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Pella, Iowa 2018 Seller’s Market FAQ

Pella, Iowa 2018 Seller’s Market FAQ

Is the 2018 Pella Seller’s Market an opportunity for you?

Pella Real Estate Services here, expanding on some frequently asked questions since our announcement of the Seller’s market opportunity in our key market area.

Q: What incentives can Pella Real Estate Services offer to homeowners that are looking are ready to make a change?

A: We feel that we offer the most comprehensive approach and line them up with the most qualified buyers that have reached out to us with sellers ready to move on from the current home.

Q: Can you share some steps that are apart of Pella Real Estate Service’s comprehensive approach?


  • Multifaceted marketing plan for each individual house.

  • Willing to come into your home and offer a free in-home market evaluation.

  • We offer an aggressive discounted commission rate to save you money.

  • We are renovation experts, our real estate professionals have insight if it makes more sense to renovate or sell depending on you and your family’s situation.

Q: How can a current homeowner determine if the current seller’s market is the right opportunity for them?

A: We’d love to provide a team walk-through of your home. between our real estate professionals, we bring many angles of perspective to work with you to go over options you have.

Q: What would you say to local Pella, Iowa residents that are just now hearing about Pella Real Estate Services or the current realty market conditions?

A: We are very aggressive about what we are doing to provide information and value to our community. We’ve only been in business for a year and a half and have been successful enough to reinvest in our business. With that, we’ve added friendly and knowledgeable real estate professionals and have become the largest agent team and fastest growing brokerage firm in our market area.

If you have any questions of your own, or would like to schedule a Free In-home market valuation, give Pella Real Estate Services a call at 641-924-0255

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